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We, as humans, are more than our birth certificates and where we work. We, as writers, are more than our rationalizations. As both humans and writers, we are all at once artists, dreamers, mythmakers, and visionaries. Through creative writing, we will explore the cultural history and importance of origin stories, as well as ideas for approaching and discovering your own.


The purpose of Re●Story●Nation is to encourage you to rethink, rediscover, and reclaim your origin stories (“restoryation”) through ethnoautobiography per the work of Dr. Leny Strobel and Dr. Jürgen Werner Kremer. 

Ethnoautobiography is “defined as creative writing (and/or oral presentation) that grounds itself in the ethnic, cultural, historical, ecological, and gender self-exploration of the author.” It is a resistance poetics and a practice in re-membering and re-calling of our “long body.” It is a method of decolonization, reclamation and cultural revalidation. As such, origin stories are sacred stories; they are the key to the healing of the Earth. 


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